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September 14, 2020

Trav might be a new name for you, but Trav is a man that has had incredible and resounding influence over a huge number of peoples lives. 

Trav’s Bucket List organisation re-designs lives so that people live the life they’ve dreamed of. 

Trav joins Adrian for a totally different style of design chat, for the first time, we break down life design. 

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Talk Design

September 7, 2020

Originally from New Orleans, now based in Austin Texas, Hugh is an incredibly intriguing figure in architecture, who plays in multiple genres, without a specific signature style. Hugh Randolph is one of the most interesting architects we’ve had on the show.  

We talk about Hugh’s life, from growing up with astronauts, to road tripping America. Then we break down taking clients beyond their expectations and creating designs that bring joy into peoples lives.

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Talk Design

August 31, 2020

Today we catch up with Danielle Power-Silk, a fashion designer from New Zealand, with a specialty in bespoke fashion. 

We get sexy, with a focus on designing flattering, sexy pieces for the modern woman. 

We pull apart what makes a design embody sexiness and empowerment and how that translates through culture, time and style. 

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Talk Design

August 26, 2020

Today in Talk Design we catch up with a legend of the retail and hospitality design world Callie Van De Merwe.

As a founder of Design Partnership, Callie’s spaces have a magical elegance that tie every minute detail together, creating an effortless masterclass in social experiences. 

Today on the show we chat about Callie’s process from top to bottom, and what advice Callie has that you can take into your own design across the board.

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Talk Design

August 19, 2020

This week we’re joined by Kevin Alter, from Alter Studio - Texas. 

Kevin is multi award winning architect, professor and an author. 

We discuss Kevin’s creative journey into architecture, the importance of Hubris and the impact that Covid has had on the architecture world.

Plus, how re-joining his 80’s rock band has made Kevin re-evaluate where architects sit in the world and the importance of optimism in architecture as a whole. 

Here's a link to his first album in 25 years: https://therabies.bandcamp.com/album/adderall-girl

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Talk Design

August 12, 2020

My guest this episode is former professional New Zealander Cricketer Richard Petrie. After a successful career in sports, Richard has since established himself as the world’s leading marketer for architects.

We sat down to discuss how to communicate value to clients, how to get the clients you want, how to market as a generalist and more.

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