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May 12, 2022

Richard Petrie is a former professional New Zealander Cricketer. After a successful career in sports, Richard has since established himself as the world’s leading marketer for architects.

He has helped grow dozens of small and medium sized businesses with his powerful marketing systems, including his first architect client who tripled her new architecture practice year over year.

Previously Richard and I sat down to discuss how to communicate value to clients, how to get the clients you want and how to market as a generalist, check out part 2 of Richard's chat...

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Talk Design

April 28, 2022

Ana Maria Torres established at architects in New York City in 2000. Ms. Torres is a licensed as an urban planner as well as an architect in both Spain and New York State. Before arriving in the United States, Ana Maria Torres was Associate Professor of Architectural Design at E. T. S. Architecture in Madrid.

As a partner at Balmori Associates in New Haven, CT, where she was a principal prior to establishing at architects, Ana Maria Torres was responsible for the landscape and urban design of Abandoibarra in Bilbao, Spain; the Performing Arts Center of Greater Miami, Florida; the Museum of Modern Art in Osaka, Japan; and the Petronas Towers Plaza, Kuala Lumpur. She was also a finalist in the World War II Memorial Competition in Washington, DC.

NYC-based female architect Ana Maria Torres and her firm, at architects, collaborated with FBMI (an initiative to empower underprivileged communities in Dubai) and put on a carpet installation at this past year's Dubai Design Week, titled "A Dream of Few". 

"This project is, above all, a collaboration formed by merging the weaving tradition and a subjective understanding of design and aesthetics. A conversation bloomed between a foundation and an architect; between foundation and weaver; between weaver and architect. Each carpet represents a story told through the rich tradition of the weaver, of the loom, of the instrument of weaving, of personal hand-weaving methods interwoven with the intentions, desires, and vision of the designer. This combination presents the ideal medium for an artist who wishes to cross boundaries and present a unique process of collaboration as her chosen practice."

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April 18, 2022

Eric is an Interior Designer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. He has a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has built his own social media brand for the past 4 years. He launched his Pro Series Podcast in early 2022 where he interviews HGTV Stars, Designers, Architects, and Realtors from all over the world.

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LaRue Architects Reimagines an Historic Austin Home While Paying Homage to its Neighborhood

This 107 year old house was among the few remaining in a historic Austin neighborhood. LaRue Architects took on a giant process to keep its historic preservation with 21st century luxury. This is one of the few residential homes in Austin with this downtown view. Architects James LaRue and associate Emily Hayden used three-dimensional architectural modeling to create a virtual walk-through that allowed the homeowners to evaluate the exact views from each room by specific time of day. 

The homeowners purchased their new home in the historic and highly desirable Clarksville neighborhood which flanks the west side of Austin’s downtown. Built in 1915, the house was among the few remaining that had not been scooped up and demolished thanks to its previous owner -- who had lived in the house for over half a century and didn’t want to see it torn down. Austin based LaRue Architects spent time researching the home’s history and consulted with a historic restoration expert to help inform their work.

The house is perched on a hill with one-of-a kind views of the Texas State Capitol and the expanding Austin skyline -- uniquely located at the threshold between the sparkling new downtown hi-rises and the historic fabric of one of Austin’s oldest and most storied neighborhoods. LaRue and Foursquare Builders took great time and care to hold on to the home’s historic character. The team set out to painstakingly restore and rebuild -- as old and new now seamlessly meld in the new 3,900 SF home.  

Listen to hear how James LaRue and associate Emily Haydon transformed this historic home into a wonder with uninterrupted views. Project Images will be seen on @adrianramsay and @talkdesignwith instagram

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Kate Walker and Fern Santini have joined me on TALKdesign, two amazing business women and designers. 

We dive into the world of Interior Design, from two different countries, Australia and America, and talk about how the design industry is today. 

As the Founder & Director of KWD, Kate Walker heads up the custom design studio she launched in 2013. Having worked in the tile industry for over 15 years, she identified the need for a streamlined solution for busy people who require support with their complete hard-finish requirements. Kate Walker has been profiled in many leading magazines and blogs, and KWD’s work has been featured in Australia’s leading interior magazines including Belle, Home Beautiful, Inside Out, Grand Designs Australia and House & Garden (including four front cover stories). Her work has also been published in Homes & Gardens UK.

Fern Santini designs one-of-a-kind residences for a diverse group of clients across the U.S. The style of each home she helps create is driven by the unique site, the architectural style and her client’s vision. Rather than apply a specific look across projects, Fern thrives on learning about each client’s tastes and personal style to tailor a unique environment perfectly suited to them. She builds upon her client’s affinity for art, reflects their history of travel and sometimes expresses their sense of humor. Her process involves listening to carefully reflect her client’s tastes, and encouraging them to be open minded and think outside the box. This results in a completely distinctive expression true to each client.

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February 25, 2022

Nitin Govila, a global business executive, has an extensive background in building and growing regions and organizations across multiple industries, channels and cultures.

Presently as the Senior Vice-President for Serge-Ferrari, Nitin manages 7 independently-operated territories across Asia Pacific, Middle-East and Africa. Serving on the executive leadership team, Nitin is directly accountable for all business operations and M&A activities across the region.

Nitin received his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) with First Division (Honors) from Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Chandigarh, India. To diversify himself, Nitin pursued his MBA with HEC Paris, School of Management with a Merit scholarship. Moving from India to Paris to attend the program was a huge endeavor but propelled his career with international organizations and enabled him to adapt to different countries, cultures and sensitivities. 

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Heather grew up in South Africa where she studied Architecture at ‘Wits’ University in Johannesburg and immigrated during the Soweto riots to complete her degrees at Ball State University in Indiana.

She has lived and worked in New York since 1981. Her early role as associate with prominent design firms included a leading creative role with retail and residential projects across the United States and the world. This continued when she opened her company where she has worked with a wide array of clients. Always finding new and creative solutions often where others feared to tread or did not succeed, usually exceeding expectations.

Always up for a challenge, and “never the same solution” she is passionate about the timelessness and elevation of each and every client that her team selects to work with. 

Peter Twohy, Principal of 2e Architects, is an award-winning residential architect who specializes in designing custom homes in the mid-Atlantic region. Peter’s home designs focus on elevating the lifestyle and enjoyment his clients have in their home from traditional or modern to the custom aesthetic his clients seek. He believes that the most beautiful home in the world is the one custom designed for you. Each luxury home he designs is unique and tailored to a client’s sensibilities. 

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January 30, 2022

Michele Dempsey, AIA, LEED AP is an award-winning Architect, Speaker and Professor who is the leading designer and creator the Strategic Branded Experience Framework--a proprietary system that results in eye-catching, sustainable, research-based projects that communicate a purpose, tell a story and produce a Return on Design Investment (RODI). The distinctive, award-winning work of her firm, DxDempsey Architecture, has been published in several national and international trade magazines and media outlets and can be seen in most of the major casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City, a growing number of international airports and was featured on an episode of "Modern Family".

Michele is an engaging speaker who has spoken at an international conference about how Strategic Branded Experiences produce Return on Design Investment, given two TEDx talks, Keynote lectures, and is frequently asked to present as an expert in the fields of architecture, planning, sustainability, branding and design. She is also an Adjunct Professor at Lafayette College where she teaches a course called Planning the Built Environment.

Michele is highly involved in her community where she was the co-founder of The Office Convention and The Office Wrap Party, two large scale events that brought the writers and actors of the hit show "The Office" to Scranton to interact with fans and highlight the city, and the co-founder of Friends of Lackawanna, a grass roots non-profit committed to protecting the health and safety of the local community, as well as the regional image and the environment.

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Chen + Suchart Studio works at a variety of scales ranging from small well crafted projects and single family residences to larger scale urban design. The practice is not interested in style. The common thread between all projects undertaken in our studio is the integrity of design that transcends style. The work of the studio is focused on the reinvention of known ideas, spatial experience, and the quality and craft of construction in all of our projects.

Thamarit Suchart and Patricia Szu-Ping Chen Suchart completed their studies at the Rhode Island School of Design (Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture 1997) and Harvard University's Graduate School of Design (Master of Architecture in Urban Design 1999). Thamarit was born and raised in Arizona. Having left Arizona for 13 years of education on the east coast of the United States, he chose to return to Arizona to raise his family and to start a design practice with Patricia in 2002. Patricia is a native of Taipei, Taiwan. 

After working for numerous award winning architecture firms in both Boston and Phoenix, the pair officially established their own architecture firm in 2010. In 2012, the firm was identified as “15 Young Firms to Watch: Chen + Suchart Studio” by Residential Architect Magazine. Since 2015, the firm has been the recipient of a total of nine AIA design awards, from both the AIA Arizona Chapter as well as from the AIA Western Mountain Region Chapter. 2015 also included an award from Residential Architect Magazine, where The Staab Residence was awarded the Design Award for a Custom Home over 3,000 SF. Thamarit is a registered architect in the State of Arizona, Georgia, and New Jersey.


Thamarit has also served as a faculty associate and adjunct lecturer, teaching undergraduate and graduate design studios at both Arizona State University and the University of Arizona from 2010-2016. He is committed to sharing his knowledge with the future generations of architects when the practice allows for the dedication of time for design education.

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December 21, 2021

Since 2012 Aimée Ralfini has curated arts activation platform Art Ache. 

Art Ache communicates fine art and creative thought to a wide and varied audience through events, social media, digital billboard campaigns, 100’s of radio podcasts, regular editorial art coverage and other bespoke activations. Through it Ralfini aims to strengthen New Zealand’s creative muscle and make art part of everyday conversation.

“Artists are the litmus paper of society” – AM Ralfini

Considered a ‘holy goddess of creative fecundity’ by her peers, Ralfini is credited with paving the way for New Zealand artists on social and in mainstream media, forging a path for a new wave of entry to medium level clientele after the 2009 financial crisis. 

Born and bred in Auckland, Ralfini gained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Elam School of Fine Arts in intermedia and has spent most of her adult life working at media networks, design studios and advertising agencies. 


nz_dead_ahead is Ralfini’s latest creative offering. Inspired by the interior design of deceased estates being sold in New Zealand. 

Propelled by rising house prices with cheap upgrades, Aimee felt it was time to document the last of these outstanding monuments to a culture in rapid decline. 

nz_dead_ahead presents like a view finder of a period of idealism and “quality living” in the nation’s history.

The collection of interior and exterior photographs are all for sale at the time of selection, with many of them containing elements that will resonate with anyone who grew up in 19th century New Zealand. 

To jog memories and manifest her own, Aimee comments about the nature of the contents through several lenses; that of a realtor, a romantic novelist and an interior designer.

Ralfini works alongside sometimes collaborator Kate van der Fluit to capture as many of these quintessential relics as she can, and will continue to do so until they are no more.

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