January 18


Richard Dudzicki

By Talk Design

January 18, 2021

RDA Architects Ltd. Founder and Director. Starting with a team of just 3 people and £2,000 funding from The Prince's Trust, RDA now employs a team of 10-15 people and is now turning over more than £1,000,000. The practice works on projects worth around £20 million. RDA are purveyors of BIM and are exploring the use of virtual reality in the Architectural Profession. The practice has a commitment to working with new technologies, off-site construction and Passivhaus design. At least 20% of time is spent working with R&D in the industry exploring new sustainable ideas. To date RDA have built eight certified Passivhaus’s and are striving to meet London’s 2050 Net Zero commitment. As “ LETI Pioneers” Richard and his team are experts in this field.

Richard comes from a second-generation immigrant Polish speaking family, born in London. He has travelled extensively in search of his family’s epic refugee and 2nd world war tale.

His undergraduate Architecture degree was gained in Liverpool, whilst gaining a distinction for his post-graduate qualification in London using Film as a base for studying Architecture. He has been a lecturer for some ten years at Chelsea College of Art, Greenwich and Southbank University. He has had a column in Building Design, written in other publication and appeared on the BBC.

He has worked in Hong Kong and Mumbai as an Architect. Though the longing of his motorcycle explorations beckoned for him to carry on exploring the world on two wheels. From Nepal to India to the States on a Harley. He still prefers two wheels to four, though now cycling.

His firm RDA are an internationally experienced, multi-award-winning studio, celebrating 25 years in practice. Their core work is the design and delivery of innovative, ecologically sensitive buildings that encourage a better, cleaner way of living and working. They are highly regarded by clients and industry for delivering certified Passivhaus schemes, embracing modular and offsite construction, achieving planning on awkward or sensitive sites, and designing beautiful bespoke interiors.

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