April 19


Liz Kamruel

By Talk Design

April 19, 2021

Originally from north Idaho where Liz attended the University of Idaho graduating with a major in clothing design and a minor in interior design.  The years after college were spent traveling to different parts of the country and the world which is how she met her Aussie husband Tim. 

They spent 3 years in Portland OR where they bought our first home. You can see a home tour of their space in Portland at The Jungalow, a story about how they renovated the dining room at Design Sponge, and a write up of when it was an airbnb at Lonny Mag or listen to a podcast interview with Little Yellow Couch where they talk more about their home, design and DIY.

Portland is where Liz truly developed her love and professional desire for design as a home stager with OnStage.

A before and after of a home Liz staged in Portland OR featured on the DIY channel show First Time Flippers

In 2017 Tim and Liz, with their two dogs Cudi and Bo, spent 5 months traveling across the USA in our renovated 1982 Winnebago. 

Liz is currently living in New Orleans. Offering brand collaborations.

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