December 24


Heather Faulding

By Talk Design

December 24, 2020

Heather grew up in South Africa where she studied Architecture at ‘Wits’ University in Johannesburg and immigrated during the Soweto riots to complete her degrees at Ball State University in Indiana.

Prior to studying Architecture Heather attended the National School of the Arts and the Italian Dressmaking School in Johannesburg.

She has lived and worked in New York since 1981. Her early role as associate with prominent design firms included a leading creative role with retail and residential projects across the United States and the world. This continued when she opened her company where she has worked with a wide array of clients. Always finding new and creative solutions often where others feared to tread or did not succeed, usually exceeding expectations.

Always up for a challenge, and “never the same solution” she is passionate about the timelessness and elevation of each and every client that her team selects to work with. Her work currently includes work for clients from Holland, Norway, South Africa, the United Kingdom and China and projects lie in New York, London, Costa Rica, across the Hamptons, Los Angeles, Chicago and Florida.

Any free time, when there is no tennis, is spent on the design and execution of her chandeliers and furniture line and exploring lighting and ever new technologies.

Her marriage to the South African ambassador to the United Nations was at the time of Mandelas inauguration and her “front row seat” to all that transpired brought a new depth of understanding and inspiration to her work. After successfully combating the onset of cancer with diet and acupuncture, she adopted her daughter from China, thus adding another chapter to her always interesting stories.

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