March 22


Davey McEathron

By Talk Design

March 22, 2021

In the summer of 2014, Davey McEathron Architecture was founded upon the idea of the architect as artist and master craftsman. DMA celebrates the process of designing and building through listening and collaboration. With an equal amount of space dedicated to a design studio and a fabrication studio, DMA positions itself in a unique location between design, testing, and realization.

Davey McEathron has been designing buildings, furniture and public art in Austin since 2008. Born and raised in Houston, Davey spent the early part of his adult life travelling the United States as a singer and guitar player for several Texas indie rock bands before deciding to go back to college to become an architect in the early 2000's.

Davey graduated from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon - a city known for burgeoning ideas in urban design and sustainability. While there, he spent his summer breaks working for Allusa Architecture under the mentorship of Bob Schatz. Longing for good Mexican food and hot summers, Davey returned to Texas after graduation - landing in Austin - a place where many of his old musician friends lived. 

Since living in Austin, Davey has worked for architecture firms of all sizes, with project types covering a wide spectrum - residential design/build with Jay Hargrave Architecture; multi-family with the Hailey Group; and academic housing with Lord, Aeck and Sargent. Davey spent 5 years working for Carter Design Associates under the guidance of Donna Carter and Abby Lawson. There he worked on projects ranging from residential, commercial, religious, civic, academic and urban planning, to public pool facilities and even a pistol range for the City of Austin Police Department. 

Carter Design Associates was given awards for several projects that Davey worked on, including an Associated General Contractor's Award for the Deep Eddy Pool Renovation and an American Society of Landscape Architects award for the Republic Square Master Plan, with which Carter Design Associates prepared the architecture and historical portion of. In 2014, Bartholomew Pool received a "Best of Austin" award from the Austin Chronicle.  

Davey is also a founding member of ¡el grupo! - a creative collective of artists, architects and craftsmen that look for unique opportunities and projects to impact the surrounding community. ¡el grupo! has been honored with several different awards in the few years it was in existence. In 2009, they were awarded Best Backyard Bungalow for a doghouse that they designed/built for a charity auction. In 2011, the Austin Chronicle awarded ¡el grupo! a "Best of Austin" award for the Moustache Ride. In 2012, the Austin Chapter of the American Institute of Architects also gave a Merit Award for the Moustache Ride.

In addition to Davey McEathron Architecture, in the summer of 2020, Davey McEathron started Rock Paper Build, a Design/Build/Develop, company with his wife, Rebecca Holliday. Together, they are building craft-driven projects, developing several lots on the Eastside of Austin, as well as building their own house.  

Davey is a licensed Architect in the State of Texas and a LEED Accredited Professional.

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